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A Gathering of Rebel Meteorites, In The Middle Of Nowhere.

Bar stools, twisting,
On orbits of steel,
Reflected, that night,
The shine
Of a fifty few stars
That were all
‘Made in China’
And sold in Delhi ─
Gift wrapped in
Copper and tungsten wires ─
To adorn the walls
Of an apartment that had,
No one to call
His own,
And yet smelled of
Leather upholstery,
And hung-over infinities.

And on them sat,
Meteorites who had
Sneaked out, away,
From their inconsiderate parents,
To do the
Mambo number five,
And craft, in this

Inebriated haze
Their own galaxies.


A bunch of wayward meteorites, 4:59am.


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She sits and writes a page long letter.
He calls her number every night at two.
Only for her to tear it away and for him to end it before it connects.
Two strangers on a desolate bridge.
Held together by tapes and bandages.
Some on her wrist and others on his heart.
Tears in a bottle.
A heartbreaking piece of art.
Messy hair and a loosely tied bun.
Cigeratte stubs and lines of kohl across her cheek.
A copy of Love Story by Erich Segal torn in half.
A Coldplay record playing on repeat.
A lonely room on the Upper East side of New York.
An empty heart beating in the city that never sleeps.
A beard unkept and a love, so wild, let loose.
Shards of broken glasses and empty whisky bottles.
Blades that were marred and a beauty so scarred.

A love story left incomplete in Central Park.
A lunch that was had at The Plaza Hotel.
A Sinatra song that was almost sung.

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