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Cutting Silences.

In that time,

As I cut lines

Of silence on the

Back of your hand

With shards of paper

That bled

Unwritten poetry,

All I could think of

Was the way we trapped

Our passing times

In the space between

Our shaking fingers,

And the way I let

Loose into your nostrils

Powdered forevers

Laced with tremors

From my fading


In that time

My nose started dripping;

Was it blood, or screams

Painted in technicolor?

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Dont shove it down.

You know those moments. You’ve been living them all your life. But, you’ve kept ignoring them. Shoving them down with alcohol or smoking them away. Sometimes even sleeping them off or eating them away. You’ve been too scared of realising your happiness. You’ve been scared that if you acknowledge it or revel in it, you might scare it away or even jinx it. But ironically, you cant. You know, those moments that make you realise, understand or even accept that you dont have to be sad. You can walk away from all your sorrows, regrets, heartbreaks, demons and every other thing that has kept that smile away. Those moments when you can feel it, smell it but it is just a tad bit far for you to grab hold of it.  That moment when you realise that your situation, however bad it might be is yours, you are the one that controls it and supremely the one who controls you. You dont have to be sad. You dont have to feel this way. This weight on your heart is actually just ice, you are the fire that can melt it.
You’ve been in these moments and you are in one right now. Dont shove it down or smoke it away. For a change dont ignore it. Yes you are human and we find grandeur in glorifying our sorrow. Pitying ourselves. Blaming the heavens, our parents and even our dogs  for the way things turned out. But the truth is you are alive and well this moment, this moment is what you’ve been alive for. This is the moment you’ve gone through all the ups and downs for. This is the moment you understand that this is your life, the life you have been living, and for once you dont have to be sad about it.

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To be human.

To be calm with a raging tornado inside.
To be happy with a wailing mother within.
To smile when you’re about to cry.
To cry when your eyes are dry.
To walk when you want to run.
To sleep when you want to dance, and to dance when you are breaking inside.
That’s what I’ve learned of my life.
And also that happiness eventually becomes something you can purchase at Alcohol stores and small cigarette shops.
Sorrow is a part of being human.
People love being in love and yet deny themselves this simple pleasure.
To be jealous is an honest emotion and scars don’t go away with a simple lotion.

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