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Cutting Silences.

In that time,

As I cut lines

Of silence on the

Back of your hand

With shards of paper

That bled

Unwritten poetry,

All I could think of

Was the way we trapped

Our passing times

In the space between

Our shaking fingers,

And the way I let

Loose into your nostrils

Powdered forevers

Laced with tremors

From my fading


In that time

My nose started dripping;

Was it blood, or screams

Painted in technicolor?

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She sits and writes a page long letter.
He calls her number every night at two.
Only for her to tear it away and for him to end it before it connects.
Two strangers on a desolate bridge.
Held together by tapes and bandages.
Some on her wrist and others on his heart.
Tears in a bottle.
A heartbreaking piece of art.
Messy hair and a loosely tied bun.
Cigeratte stubs and lines of kohl across her cheek.
A copy of Love Story by Erich Segal torn in half.
A Coldplay record playing on repeat.
A lonely room on the Upper East side of New York.
An empty heart beating in the city that never sleeps.
A beard unkept and a love, so wild, let loose.
Shards of broken glasses and empty whisky bottles.
Blades that were marred and a beauty so scarred.

A love story left incomplete in Central Park.
A lunch that was had at The Plaza Hotel.
A Sinatra song that was almost sung.

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